Volunteers 2013

June 2005 was a particularly bad time for Cole Island. Vandalism had escalated and the island was being torn apart. Seeing a beloved heritage site ruthlessly attacked prompted a small group of View Royal residents to organize the Friends of Cole Island (FoCI). Our objective at the time was to put an immediate end to the senseless destruction. Since then, membership has grown and our role has evolved over the years to that of maintenance and security watch. We work closely with the Provincial Heritage Branch, the City of Colwood, the Town of View Royal and Queen’s Harbourmaster.

A sense of community and a willingness to get involved has ensured the future of Cole Island. The FoCI hold an annual island cleanup to remove Broom, Daphne and litter. Area residents also keep a watch on the Island from homes around the bay and surveillance has proven successful in curtailing vandalism. If you’d like to participate in activities or receive updates about Cole Island, contact us and ask to be put on our Updates list or just drop us a line – we’re a friendly, dedicated bunch!


A highlight during each annual cleanup event is the lunch-time raffle. In recognition of all the hard work taking place, volunteers are given an opportunity to win some neat prizes. The FoCI would like to thank the following for donating some great swag in support of this!